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Pricing - Data Plans

Websembli professional data plans offering hosting, design, & optimization options.



  • Secured Hosting
  • Domain Services
  • Custom Email
  • Site Traffic Analysis
  • SSL Certificates & Website Security
  • 9 - 5 Support
  • Software & Security Maintenance
  • Starting at 5Gb Storage




  • Features in Essentials
  • +
  • Website Updates¹ & Studio Share Support³
  • Complete Website Backups
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization²
  • Premium Web Security
  • Starting at 30Gb Storage

¹ Website Updates include changes to photos, content writing, colors, & fonts – does not include changes to template layout, structure, theme, or the addition of new pages. Website design/concepts include changes to website layout, structure, theme, or addition of new pages.

² Social Media Strategies include setting up of accounts, ad strategies, and assistance on Yelp, Google, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, & LinkedIn – and not including management of these accounts. Site Traffic Analysis, Ad Strategies, Social Media Integration, & SEO are all included.

³ Support includes account/website setup, website updates, social media strategies, & any general support for your website. Additional consultation and web tool support are also included.

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